Imagine this: 

A marriage bathed in light: A unforgettable lantern parade at your unique wedding day -  living forever in your imagination. 

 A parade of light: Giant figures glowing magically in the dark.  A sense of majesty, mystery  and wonder. 

 An event to inspire the imagination through light, sound parade and performance. 

Audience members dressed in red running gear, apart from one chap in a blue jumper and jeans, mid stretch during a warm up routine.

For corporations and businesses: Your own exclusive event and performance of our award  winning work.  Does your team deserve a unique reward for their outstanding  performance?  Reward their brilliant performance with one of ours! 

A child stares into her handmade lantern.

Our team and their very special talents are available for hire.  Our unique skills with light, sound, story and performance can bring unforgettable images, audio and emotion to your special event. 

Get in touch to discuss how we can make your dreams a reality: Here are some of our ideas - were sure youll have your own: 

Two lines of audience, with handmade lanterns at their feet, watch on as The Constant Consoler tells them a tale.

A wedding procession like no other: Your guests are guided make their  own special illuminated lanterns.  As the sun sets, we build to a wedding procession the  likes of which  few have experienced, providing unforgettable lasting memories and vivid,  breathtaking photographs. 

A family work on cardboard horses head in a pre-show workshop.

A Community Celebration with a sense of occasion: A significant anniversary?  Honouring a special person?  Lanterns, light, sound, friends, family and friends yet to  be, wrapped in an inclusive sense of ceremony.  To live music and a few surprises the  special event unfolds providing a unique shared experience. 

On a bridge over Exeter canal, fire spinners perform, sparks flying off into the night sky.

Spectacular Spectacular.  With multiple performers, fire, more than 200 lanterns and  giant figures that somehow glow from within emerging from the dark, our large scale  special events draw the crowds and provide an unparalleled sense of excitement and  event.  Artful, accessible and brimming with drama. 

A giant Tommy Cooper puppet under Christmas lights in Exeter city centre.

We tailor our work to your special requirements and budget.  Working with you every step of the way as we co-create a unique event to your requirements.  We can provide the complete service, from facilitators, actors, musicians, photographers and videographers as required.  We even offer a free venue finding service. 

We’d love to find the fit between our unique skills and talents and your hopes and dreams for an unforgettable Burn the Curtain experience.  So let’s talk.

Get in touch for a free initial conversation and well explore how we can work together.  

Agent or Event booker?  Please get in touch: We offer a 25% discount for the 1st event you book through us. 

The Huntsman, back to camera, beckons forward the audience who are partially hidden within long grass.