Burn the Curtain make theatre outdoors, where audiences can become playful participants, and performers and spectators alike can meet on equal terms, ready for adventure.

When a performance is found outside a traditional performance space it becomes an event, a pleasant surprise. We don’t expect our audiences to come to us - we go to them. We want to engage with people who share a passion for something, whether it be bird watching, canoeing, cycling or book collecting, and we want to create work for them that will bring them to a communal space, on their terms.

We know that any place can be magical, and that any one of us can create magical moments. 

Our work is about intergenerational play, engagement with the great outdoors and the creative process. For us, art is a conversation between the creator and the viewer. What excites us about theatre is that conversation can be had in a literal manner, in a shared time and space. Our aim is to push that conversation as far as we can - so the show cannot happen without the audience having a hand in it.

We seek to nurture creativity as a positive force for change. We work with audiences to celebrate our landscapes and communities, enriching imaginations long after the applause has faded. 

Come and Play



Diversity and Inclusion

Burn the Curtain are always looking to make sure that principals of diversity and equality are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to make inclusivity, accessibility, respect and difference part of our creative lives and work, and by extension part of the cultural landscape of the South West.

Everyone is invited to take part in our events , and we know that a multitude of different voices make us stronger. Our work instils a shared sense of purpose that we hope transcends our own perceived divisions.


Burn the Curtain specialise in taking audiences to special places, and celebrating the places that are special to you. Sometimes this involves some physical challenge, but no one should feel that these places are off limits to them.

We are committed to making sure that anyone can attend our work, and we look forward to making our performances even more accessible in the future. If you want to attend a performance or activity, and you have questions around accessibility, please get in touch we will be happy to help.

Help us continue to create high quality performances in extraordinary places for years to come