The Company of Wolves: Ruth Webb Designer & Maker


My name is Ruth Webb, I’m making and designing the costumes and props for Burn the Curtain’s new show, The Company of Wolves.

Ruth at Work

I really love these stories, by Angela Carter. They take me right back to the gruesome moralistic fairy stories my parents used to read to me, as I drew pictures, all sprawled out on the floor.

And then they take you further….. deeper into the adult world that these characters would have inhabited in the time these tales would have been told.

So its exciting for me to create, from a place of childhood memories and imaginings, those dark shady characters that lurked behind the trees in the forest, spinning cunning yarns and dangling shiny promises to lure the  young and innocent  in.

But what has this all got to do with this ….

Costume in the making

You’ll have to wait and see!