Jonty Depp

Over 20 years Jonty (a PhD qualified Chemical Engineer) has portrayed many characters on stage, including a duke, a policeman, a jester, a ghost and an executioner! As the UK’s most versatile Johnny Depp character impersonator he works around the country, and has appeared at many events in the South West. He is currently the entertainment supplier for the themed weeks at Powderham Castle near Exeter. With the assistance of his wife Claire who is the make-up artist, co-star, co-director and co-writer, he also portrays Willy Wonka, The Mad Hatter, Sweeney Todd and others. He became involved with Burn The Curtain when the services of his Mad Hatter were required for “Alice at Antony House”, Uncle Lubin in “The Adventure’s of Uncle Lubin” and Peter the Priest in “The Company of Wolves” in 2014.

Alice Tatton-Brown

Alice studied for her BA in Drama at Manchester University, graduating with a first she went on to live, work, and perform in New York, London and Berlin. Before returning to Univeristy to study for her MFA in Theatre practice. As a researcher and a theatre maker, her key interests are; site based, promenade performance, verbatim theatre, and storytelling. Alice has performed In Battersea Arts centre, Kensington Palace, The Institute of Contemporary Art, Manchester’s Hazard Festival, a Cornish mine, and on a boat in Plymouth, plus a few more unusual locations. Currently working on a solo show, and collaborating with Bristol based artist Martha King, Alice can also be seen in Wild Works Enchanted Palace, in London.

Matt Lawrenson

Matt Lawrenson is a theatre maker and actor. He has toured physical and cabaret theatre performances with ‘The Medicine show’ and teaches drama locally. His most recent role has been as artistic director of ‘Eccentric Exeter’ (comedy history tour) which is due to be performed again this year. After years of being fascinated by promande performance possibilities Matthew Lawrenson has happily joined ‘Burn the Curtain’. This cycling collaboration has stepped things up a gear and realigned him to become the bike obsessed Duke of a distant quixotic kingdom.